These days Smartphone is just a mini television set. The smartphone like Android has lots of features through which you can get high definition quality of videos. Through Android device, it is now possible to watch all your favourite television shows and movies easily. A show Box has set a Perfect example for that.

So, today, I will present and guide you how to watch TV Shows on Smartphone. Let us check it out here down below.

Steps on How to Watch TV Shows on Smartphone

If you want to know how to watch TV Shows on Smartphone, then all you need to follow some few steps which I will mention here down below:

Step 1

The first step you need to check out some few apps which are available to watch TV on your Android device like Google Play that has the ability to watch TV and films for free, this app is included already within your Android device. Now, all you need to do is open up Goggle Play Movies app, or you can also find this app from your apps menu on your Android device.

Step 2

Now, search for “ITV Player” from your Google App list. After that tap on the free button in order to install it on your device.

Step 3

Now, the app will ask you that if you are above 18 years of age to download and watch. Once you tap for installation on your Android device. Later click Ok button.

Step 4

Now, the next step they will show you the app requirements and all the permissions for you to download it on your device. Now, while reading it if you are happy with all the requirements then you can choose OK or else you can choose cancels and stop the download. As you know, most apps require some elements in order to access but it is rare they do not show so that you can tap on Accept and Download button.

Step 5

Now once it is downloaded, tap the open button.

Step 6

Now go to the main ITV Player page, search for a particular TV Shows or you can browse.

Step 7

After that, once you found out your favorite TV Shows, now you can choose it and tap to open.

Step 8

Now, while you open it, they will show the program information which you have chose, now choose the show if you want to watch it just by tapping on the screen of your phone or you can choose it again by returning to the previous page.

So, these are the few steps which you need to follow in the above article that I have mentioned.

Cinema Box is one of best HD streaming application for the iOS and Android users. Through this application, you will be able to enjoy the entertainments with your friends and family.

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All the users of these applications are content with all the features that Cinema Box has provided. This application serves the users with all the latest and newly released movies.

Cinema Box Features for iOS and Android:

You will be glad knowing the coolest features of Cinema Box application where you can enjoy all the entertainment with your friends and family members easily just by sitting at home. Check out the features below:

  • Cinema Box is available for iOS and Android devices for free.
  • This application is easy to use interface which allows you to navigate within the application for searching the contents easily.

Cinema Box for iOS/Android

  • Cinema Box application supports an Apple TV for all the iOS platforms.
  • Videos movies etc. all provided with HD quality Video pictures.
  • Kid’s mode for children is also available for these applications.
  • Everything that is provided in the Cinema Box applications is free and completely safe.
  • All the sources are available for better streaming and experience less buffering with no disturbances in the ads and click here to watch the game of thrones season 7 episode 4.
  • Daily updates are posted on this app for the latest content.
  • Chromecast supports for experiencing with big screens through the help of this applications.
  • Cinema Box provides the best subtitles that make you choose your preferable language that helps you in better understanding.

How to download Cinema Box Applications on your iOS and Android?

For all the Android users it is very easy to download Cinema Box applications since it is available in the biggest app store in your android devices. You just need to visit the Google Play Store for your Android devices and type for Cinema Box on the search bar and press enter.

You will get various options regarding the application, so just select one and press enter. Now within the connection speed if you are using a good connection of internet it will automatically get downloaded within a short time as well as get installed too.

For the iOS users:

Cinema Box for iOS/Android

This app is not officially available for iOS device users. But still, you can download and enjoy this app on your iPhone by downloading from this link.

So, these are the details of how you can download the Cinema Box application and enjoy watching all the entertainment with full HD pictures.

You can also download the videos, movies and TV shows for viewing it offline whenever you are idle. This application is compatible, so you can download anything while you are still watching something online.

So what are you waiting for? Download Cinema Box easily available for free and enjoy the entertainment at home because this app is completely legal and genuine.