One of the features that most people love their smartphones is the camera. When they began to appear the first phone that could take pictures, collective euphoria broke out and everyone was buying a mobile think of the number of megapixels that had the integrated camera. The camera of the smartphone and megapixels are still very important for most users, and in many cases decisive when choosing a brand or a specific factor model. Then came the applications with special effects, fashion and Instagram filters, which do they look a little better even the worst photos (or so some believe).

The software of photo editing for mobile devices is becoming more powerful and advanced time, we have bigger and better cameras, and a myriad of social network to share every moment of our lives with our friends, family and a million strangers.

If you use Android and are addicted to the camera on your mobile, today we list best photography apps that are available in the Play Store, for you to capture, editing, filters vintages and share your photos with the highest possible quality.

VSCO Cam :

VSCO Cam came to Android recently, and was famous for being one of the best photo editing apps for iOS, Android and jump to not disappoint. VSCO includes a set of advanced tools rather when compared with most applications of this type, not only offers a beautiful selection of filters that are applied with a single touch, it lets you adjust the levels of each filter individually and a dozen other parameters to make your photo look cool.

VSCO Cam is incredibly effective enhancing images, also includes his own camera, and the possibility of any pictures you already have on your device memory import. Besides all this, you can create your photo album with online, with a beautiful and sophisticated design, share with friends and on social networks: VSCO Grid. VSCO Cam is free, although some features offers premium extra payment. It supports Android 4.0 and higher.

Snapseed : 

Snapseed is a photo retouching tools available for more advanced mobile devices. Contains basic settings such as cropping, self-correction, frames and filters to more advanced effects, Tilt-shift, white balance settings, contrast, saturation, creating deep, HDR, selective image editing, setting filters, etc..

Snapseed is quite popular, and for many it is the only tool you need when editing a photo. Google is so good I ended buying it not long ago, and in fact now integrate many functions within Google+ when importing photos to this social network. Snapseed also has tools for the desktop, and a version designed for tablets. It is free and compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

For many with two tools are more than enough , and why do you fill a list with software that does the same thing only with a different interface and not so well?. The only problem is compatibility, anyone with any version of Android lower than 4.0 can not install these applications , so for them a couple of alternatives, and finally a few extra tools worth checking out.

Pixlr Express :

Pixlr Express is a photo editing tool people of Autodesk, the same as Pixlr-o-matic , which is quite popular for its web version to add filters, frames, and special effects to your images easily.

Pixlr Express carried a little further editing and in addition to what you have in Pixlr-o-matic, you have several extra more advanced tools. It has the ability to add multiple photos to multiple layouts default, for those who love making collages . Has tablet version is free and compatible with Android 2.2 and higher.

500px :

If you only want to edit photos, but admire those of others, there is no cooler than photography community 500px . Your application for Android is beautiful, and you can browse through thousands of high quality pictures plus join and share your own. It’s a great source of inspiration and viewing pleasure, and all lovers of photography will enjoy the.

Resize Me! :

Finally I leave a very simple and silly application, but it does something that can be incredibly useful in many circumstances. Resize Me is a tool to resize images and longer. The thanks, it includes predetermined sizes and resolutions that are quite low, ideal for quickly share a photo on the Internet, even if we are using our mobile network can sometimes be slow or want to save data. Resize I cut and reduces the size of your image and save you from trouble when you want to upload a photo but you realize that weighs more than 10mb and no sense of such a file size for Twitter or Facebook, for example.

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