Vegetarian Diet Plan By GM: Gm Diet Plan is a seven days challenge to lose weight easily. Rather, it is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight naturally. In whole, over the world, Gm Diet became common and well-known. The vegetarian gym diet plan is a great idea to lose instant weight.

Whereas, it not only make you look slim but also keeps your metabolism in control. If you have done all the workouts and did not get any desired results then try this amazing Gm vegetarian diet plan.

The Amazing Vegetarian Gm Diet Plan:

For the preparation of this vegetarian 7-day gm diet plan make sure you do not drink alcohol. During the diet plan, you should avoid oily intake of foods and other unhealthy beverages. Here are the lists of diet plan.

Day 1:

During the first day of your gm diet plan, it is recommended that you control with your cravings. You will eat only fruits like watermelon, apples, oranges, papaya. You must avoid bananas, grapes, and litchis in your diet. You can eat all the recommended fruits as much as you like but do remember you take only fruits.

Day 2:

On the second day, you are advice to take only vegetables whether raw or boiled. If you wish you can include one boiled potato.

Day 3:

The third day you can eat both fruits and vegetables together. Consume them as much as you like and drink lots of water. By this day you will feel your body getting lighter.

Day 4:

While on the fourth day, you are allowed to eat only bananas and drink milk. Include 6 bananas and 4 glasses of milk on that day. If you feel you can take vegetable soup that contains tomatoes, capsicum, garlic, and onions. Drink this soup just once, do not exceed the limit.

Day 5:

On the fifth, you can take 6 tomatoes as well as increase your water consuming level. Prepare a soup by mixing soya chunks, tomatoes, paneer and sprouts.

Day 6:

Now on the sixth day, you have to stop eating tomatoes. So, you must include eating cottage cheese, sprouts, and other green vegetables. Also prepare some tasty soup in your diet once.

Day 7:

This is the final day of your amazing vegetarian gm diet plan. Include fresh fruit juice without sugar and eat a half bowl of brown rice. Eat any green vegetables you want and take a good amount of water regularly.

Now, here is your amazing vegetarian gm diet plan for you. After the last final day 7, you will feel you have lost 8-10 kgs of weight. Mostly, every Indian men and woman follow this procedure. I hope you will also lose weight with this method.